A good day to blog …

Today is a good day to blog. It is still raining and I fear that we will not be able to tour the Cabot Trail in order to take in the beautiful fall colours. There are such tiny windows of opportunity. I have run out of inside jobs to keep us occupied during this deluge.

On one of the few sunny days we had the wind was so strong that the lake was wild!

October 14th marked our 3rd anniversary of our Cape Breton occupation. We have not yet had the opportunity to properly mark that occasion although Dave did arrive home with a lovely bouquet of flowers!

Jeff, Anne and I did get to take in a couple of the Celtic Colours Festival Clubs (the after-parties). “Located at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, the licensed Festival Club opens as the evening concerts are closing, offering an opportunity for artists to showcase in a more informal setting, as well as get a session in with friends and colleagues from near and far.” (http://www.celtic-colours.com/shows/festival-club-4/) The party starts at 11 pm and ends around 3:30 am.

We attended opening night and were wowed by The Alan Kelly Gang (Ireland) and some amazing local talent, including Rachel Davis. We all agreed that the show stealer that night was Pepeto Pinto, from Jamaica, who wowed us with his handcrafted Celtic steel pan (steel drums). That night we got home at about 3 am. We went again on the Tuesday night and after 4 1/2 hours of amazing music I crawled into bed at 4 am. It took me two days to recover from that one! That evening’s show stopper was definitely the April Verch band – she’s one enthusiastic fiddler/step dancer from the Ottawa Valley, Ontario.

If you are a music lover you should definitely put Cape Breton’s Celtic Colours International Festival on your bucket list!  It begins on the Friday of each Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

  • 2013 – Friday, October 11 to Saturday, October 19
  • 2014 – Friday, October 10 to Saturday, October 18
  • 2015 – Friday, October 09 to Saturday, October 17

(And don’t forget to book your room here at Seaweed and Sod. We’re only a 1/2 hour from the Gaelic College (home of the Festival Club) and close to many of the venues.)

Between the rain drops, around Dave’s work and through the mud (and lately, wind) we have abandoned the greenhouse construction and are trying to complete the new chicken coop. It is proceeding excruciatingly slow but we’re now at a point where we can get some of the work done without Dave and between rain drops.

As the day progresses, it looks like Dave will be home for supper so I think tonight it is the Anniversary Dinner … prepared by Jeff and Anne!

Hope things are great in your world!

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Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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  1. Sandra Kay says:

    You surely live in a nice corner of paradise! The view from your B&B is spectacular. A great place to unwind and remember what life’s all about.

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