Spring has returned!

Spring has officially arrived here at Seaweed and Sod Farm. It started out as a sunny day but now it is chilly and gray and Environment Canada is predicting snow, freezing rain and rain for this evening and tonight so … Continue reading

Catching up.

It is now March and this wild winter continues on. Congratulations for making it this far! Spring is <finally> on the horizon.   Since it is March it is high time that I get back into blogging mode.   I … Continue reading


Yes, I know. I missed last week. A weekly blog can sneak up on a person but in my defense, I was crazy busy with B&B guests!   I am pleased with Augusts’ numbers. We hosted a total of twenty-one … Continue reading

Petrified Wood 101

Today I want to talk to you about petrified wood.   Petrified Wood: from the Greek root petro meaning “rock” or “stone”; literally “wood turned into stone” (Wikipedia)     What the heck does petrified wood have to do with … Continue reading


It is a beautiful sunny and breezy Sunday afternoon here in Kempt Head and it is blogging time again.   I just finished answering an e-mail to a guest who is booked to come in later next week. She wanted … Continue reading

In Memory Of …

There once was a man. He was a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, co-worker, neighbour and volunteer. He was also so much more. He was a unique individual that left his mark on every single person he encountered. I … Continue reading

Day Tripping – Fortress of Louisbourg

I started this blog on June 3 and had every intention of getting it posted within a couple of days. That did not happen. Apparently, today is the day. June 3 – The leaves have popped out, the grass is … Continue reading


I have recently been recruited by our local dragon boat team – the MammoWarriors. Besides paddling, this team spends a great deal of time fundraising for the Cape Breton Cancer Patient Care Fund. They are fun bunch of women who … Continue reading

Catching up …

I am discovering that a weekly blog is a huge undertaking. I no sooner get a blog posted and it’s time to post again! That’s okay though … I’ll find my rhythm (and there are those of you who like … Continue reading

Stuck Sheep

It was a crazy week but nothing blog- or picture-worthy. ¬†Except perhaps for yesterday. There are days when I really hate sheep!   Dave is away in Ontario helping Tanner move into a new apartment. Neighbour Dennis, my back-up, went … Continue reading