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I am discovering that a weekly blog is a huge undertaking. I no sooner get a blog posted and it’s time to post again! That’s okay though … I’ll find my rhythm (and there are those of you who like to keep me on my toes!)


As I prepare to write this one I realize that I did not blog last week. Darn. I suppose we should get caught up then.


At last we spoke I reported on my stuck sheep. I am happy to say that she has chosen to not repeat that performance.


Speaking of sheep, yesterday was “Shearing Day” – 5 sheep and 4 llamas. It is interesting to note that the smaller ram had the heaviest fleece out of the bunch but Autumn had the best colour – beautiful tones of grey and black. My spinner friend Anne was very excited to see that fleece. I’m looking forward to seeing the spun wool (hint, hint). Thank you to Cheryl and Stephen for helping out with the llama portion of the day.

These kids (and the two up in the hay loft) will have the BEST story for school on Tuesday!


Merlin leaves his fleece behind.


Last week I started the “Hops Project”. There is a new brewery on the island – Big Spruce Brewery – and he wants organic hops so we’re going to give it a try. I planted 16 hops plants (2 varieties) as a test. The long term goal is to have an acre of organic hops. It is going to be so cool to drink beer that has our own hops in the mix!



I have been busy putting together a couple of packages for the B&B. The first is a get-away package called “Come for the Sunset”. It will include a $40 dinner voucher for Fitzgerald’s Restaurant and an in-room “picnic basket”. The basket will be filled with locally sourced goodies such as Wandering Shepherd Cheese, locally produced spreads, fair trade chocolate and your choice of wine (we’re busy tasting local wines now) or Big Spruce Beer (Kitchen Party Ale or Cereal Killer Stout). The second package (yet to be named) will include a bag lunch. There is a third package in the works … stay tuned because I’m very excited about it!


Oh, now I remember why I didn’t blog last weekend! I spent that Saturday with Bill and Bob and they wore me out! Okay, let me explain…


Bill and Bob are Belgian draft horses – the quietest, sweetest (yes Richard, they are sweet), strongest team I have ever met. They stood patiently while four of us (all women surprisingly) practiced putting on harness and hitching them up. Then, they patiently endured while we gave them incorrect cues while driving. It was a great day at Atlantic Draft Horse Supply. Thank you to Richard (our instructor) for feeding me supper before I left for my 4+ hour drive home. Thank you also to Barbie and Ken MacLeod for your wonderful hospitality on Friday night. I really enjoyed our walking tour of Maitland.

Bill and Bob


Maitland, NS – located at the mouth of the Shubenacadie River and Cobequid Bay –
part of the ebb and flow of the Bay of Fundy.


Well, I think that’s it for this week. Happy Birthday to Dave. We celebrated his birthday in style with our annual Lobsterpalooza on Saturday night.


I hope that you all had a fabulous Victoria Day weekend.  I’ll leave you with this shot ….

Pouring rain, 5 minutes from home. S/he was very accommodating and let me get fairly close.


Until next time,




PS We now have a toll-free number: 1-855-322-0148

Posted on Monday, May 20, 2013

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