Catching up.

It is now March and this wild winter continues on.

Dec 2013

Dec 2013

Jan 2014 - Blizzard

Jan 2014 – Blizzard

Feb 7 2014

Feb 7 2014

Congratulations for making it this far! Spring is <finally> on the horizon.


Since it is March it is high time that I get back into blogging mode.


I think we are all going a bit “shack wacky”. Even the livestock are getting tired of this endless winter. Despite it all, they have been relatively well behaved. The snow is so deep in places that they could easily step over the fence and have an adventure. Fortunately, none of the llamas or sheep have ventured much further than the hay feeder. Ebony, however, did find herself on the wrong side of the fence one Monday afternoon after she managed to get herself under the electric wire and through a mysteriously broken gate. Ebony and I had to wade through 3 and 4 foot drifts as we made our way to the icy road. Thankfully she led like a dream and neither of us had a mishap.


Many of you are aware of my obsession with sunsets. I try to work the evening chores around the setting sun just in case there is a photo op. This past Monday I procrastinated going out the barn. In my defense, there was a -27 Celsius wind chill at the time.  We had had a pretty nice sunset the evening before and the sky wasn’t looking promising this time so I didn’t bother taking the camera with me to the barn.


Sunset - March 2 2014

Sunset – March 2 2014

I usually leave the horses out until near the end of my routine but the girls were cold so I quickly shoveled out their stalls and brought them in. I decided to finish up with them after I got everything else done so they were left to their own devices without hay or water.


I should have known, after Ebony got out of her stall and helped herself to the hay, that trouble was afoot. But, I was too cold to clue in. I was also distracted because there was colour appearing in the sky – quite a bit of colour actually. I tried to take some pictures with my phone but they weren’t working out. Suddenly, the sky was hot pink and the reflection on the ice was beautiful. As I am receiving a text from my neighbour, “Do you see that sunset?”, I am hustling back to the house to grab the camera. I left the barn door open, the trailer door open (it has the hay in it) and the horse stalls open (just a chain across the stall entrance) and I made my way to the house as quick as I could across the slippery barnyard and driveway. I have taken a few nasty falls this winter (the ice is relentless) so “quick” and “hustle” are perhaps the wrong words.


I grabbed the camera and headed down to the road and take a few shots. It’s getting dark and I really need the tripod. No time for that so I do the best I can (it’s really hard to hold the camera steady when you are shivering) and then I head to back to the barn. There are sheep and llamas in the barn and in the trailer helping themselves to the hay and the dog food and I can hear water running. Wait! I can hear water running. Now what? With only the chain across her stall Beauty has a much longer reach. I guess she was thirsty because she turned on the water tap and filled the bucket. She didn’t bother to turn the tap back off  though and there was water pouring out the door and all over the barn floor in front of her stall. Did I mention the temperature? All I knew was that those sunset shots better turn out!

March 3 2014

March 3 2014

March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014


I must admit that these days I do look forward to the evening when I can sip wine while relaxing (recouping?) in front of the wood-stove.


Stay warm my friends!



Posted on Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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  1. Dave says:

    Awesome pictures Terri,
    The sunsets are amazing. Reminds me of a few I saw while flying in Europe.
    Its been a wet one out on the other coast with a bit of snow.
    Best wishes.
    Dave and the gang.

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