July 26 – There have been several variations of a Gratitude Challenge circulating on Facebook and I was nominated to participate. After some thought and trepidation I decided to embrace the challenge. It was an interesting and enlightening experience. Last week we were making hay. While I drive the tractor my mind will occasionally take a hiatus from the task at hand. I was thinking about a topic for my next blog entry and of course I immediately thought of hay-making. As I was formulating text in my mind the first thing I thought of was that I was grateful for the stretch of optimal haymaking weather.


So here I am writing my Gratitude Blog.


Making camp for the day at West Mabou Beach, Cape Breton

Making camp for the day at West Mabou Beach, Cape Breton


First, I must say that I am grateful to be writing this from the beautiful West Mabou Beach. The late afternoon sun is glinting off the warm Gulf of St Lawrence water. Jack is not barking, Arctic is lounging in his make-shift shelter, the breeze is keeping us cool and Dave is keeping us hydrated.


I am grateful that Dave was able to take two weeks off from work so that he did not have to try to fit in hay-making around his job and the weather.


I am grateful for the neighbours who let us take hay off their fields, give us storage in their barn, bring over food so I don’t need to think about meals, and for helping load hay in the mow. (That reminds me … I need to return a bowl.)


Making hay.

Making hay.

I am grateful for Dave’s patience and trust as he re-teaches me how to drive the tractor. (I seem to only drive it during hay season.) I learned to love the little Massey tractor. Other than lacking power steering, I find it quite manageable and not scary to drive. I can even engage the power take-off! I am sorry that I am still  jerky on that darn clutch though.


I am grateful that I can throw bales higher than my head and stack them on the hay-wagon. I am even more grateful that Dave does most of that!


I am grateful for the Bed and Breakfast. Our awesome guests are fun, easy-going and forgiving of my overcooked bacon.


I am particularly grateful that no one is booked for tonight.


WWOOFer kids

WWOOFer kids

I am grateful for our WWOOFers. We have had some pretty wonderful people pass our way. There is a WWOOFing family looking after the farm for us today so that we can have a worry-free, no-schedule kind of day.



I am grateful for Mel who went and helped said WWOOFer’s get the horses back in the pasture this evening.


I am grateful for our community. It is a supportive place to grow a business.


I am grateful for our friends. Our Cape Breton friends put up with our desire to be farmers even though it turns them into part-time farmers on occasion. Our friends from afar have supported our move and continue to give us love and support.


I am grateful for our families – our biological family for forgiving us our moving so far away, and our Cape Breton family for welcoming us into their lives.


I am NOT grateful for jellyfish. I’m just sayin’.




Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2014

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