O Christmas Tree!

December 24, 2016

O Christmas Tree! Last Sunday, just before Dave began cutting down our 2016 Christmas Tree I posted a photo of it with the caption: “…we have a tree that you won’t make fun of this year.” That post generated some Christmas tree stories and, in the spirit of the season, I thought I would share them with you.

Our story:

My favourite Christmas Trees were always the ones at my Grandparent’s farm. Always a Cedar tree … until that year Grandma put up the artificial one. When Dave joined our family we started a new Christmas tradition of  visiting a tree farm and cutting down our own special tree. We’d tramp through the snow, up and down the rows, searching for the perfect tree.  We always seemed to find one that was a little crooked, oddly shaped, and would probably be too big the following year. These days Dave and I get to harvest a tree right here off our farm.

Our first Cape Breton tree was a beautifully shaped but ill-chosen Spruce that smelled like cat pee. It didn’t stay up very long! Dave and I agree that the 2015 Christmas tree is our favourite. I found it, quite by accident, that October while I was walking one of our trails. It looked like the perfect tree. It was too late when we realized that this tree was tiny and scrawny. We strung the lights and put on what decorations we could (most of them bent the branches). When we stood back to admire our little tree we realized that is was the perfect tree after all.

2015 Christmas Tree

2015 Christmas Tree

This year’s tree, chosen perhaps a bit hastily as we were tramping through deep snow in the pouring rain, is taller and fuller but it has two obvious bare spots that we failed to notice prior to harvesting. I’m sure when we get the decorations on it tonight it will be our new perfect tree.

Your stories:

Kathy F:  Our first Christmas tree here at Bogies in 1998 was a cedar tree that Colin and Brian cut on our ravine. We ran out of time cutting a fir tree so the guys found one close to our new home. It wasn’t the greatest tree, but it became a special Tree after it was decorated and it looked beautiful!

Mary W: Love it! I sent my hubby and son out one year and they came home with the first one they saw. It wasn’t as full as yours! It was probably my favourite tree ever! It looked so cute decorated!

Rachel W: Looks great. Better than the one my now hubby had cut out of the bush when we lived in Westfield (near Blyth) and it was my 1st Christmas with him. It looked like a Charlie Brown tree, and I was so unimpressed that he threw it out the door, lol! He eventually found a great one.

Joella F: My favourite trees are all ones we cut ourselves. Lots with the kids when they were little and right up to the grandkids. Now it’s just the two old fogies left…but we still enjoy it.

Graca H: One year my brothers took Bruce with them to cut a tree. They left at noon, returned at midnight with a perfect tree. Seems they “found” the tree about 1pm, then celebrated the season at all the local small town pubs!

Wonderful stories! Thank you for sharing.

Well, it is nearly time for the festivities to begin. I must go and prepare for Santa!

Seasons Greetings from all of us to all of you.

Seasons Greetings from all of us to all of you.

We wish for you only the best in the coming new year.

~Terri and Dave

Posted on Saturday, December 24, 2016

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