Oops! I did it again …

After checking in guests the first Friday in October I misjudged my footing, caught my foot in the decorative rocks, had nothing to grab on to and there I was. On the ground. Again. Darn was not the word I uttered.

I managed to get myself into the house while I waited to for Dave to get home. X-rays the following morning showed a badly sprained ankle (the same one I broke a mere 22 months ago), and a broken fibula.


My surgeon told me that if I hadn’t broken my ankle last time, I would have for sure broken it this time.

The guests were very understanding and Dave was a wonderful proxy.

My village rallied and they are doing a wonderful job taking care of things. Again. Thank goodness for them.

So, while I heal, the Bed and Breakfast will be closed. We will reopen January 1, 2021. I’m hoping to put the snowshoes that I purchased with grant money from the CUA to good use this winter. Stay tuned for more information about our Winter Stay and Play Package.

And ya, those rocks. Moving them to the pond in the Spring.



Posted on Friday, October 30, 2020

2 responses to “Oops! I did it again …”

  1. TOM MACDONALD says:

    My best wishes for your swift recovery.

    • Terri Shobbrook says:

      Thank you! Friday I was given permission to put some weight on my ankle. It’s amazing how freeing that is! I don’t mind the crutches now at all.

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